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Todd Hedrick - Owner of Vinyl Tap & Record Collector - Episode 27 - The Nashville Experience

A fun conversation with Todd Hedrick. Todd is a huge music lover and has a large collection of records. He is the owner of Vinyl Tap in East Nashville. Vinyl Tap is a place where you can peruse and shop for records while enjoying a drink from the bar. It's a great concept and name. Enjoy!!

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Alice Sullivan is an accomplished ghostwriter, author, writing coach, speaker and editor. 

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Spenser Fritz & Amanda Dillingham - creators of the movie Cecil - Episode 24 - The Nashville Experience Podcast
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Randy is a local artist who creates encaustic paintings by transferring ink from recycled magazine pages onto a thin layer of beeswax. He also creates mixed media art out of recycled materials.

Learn more about him on his website.

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Sunni Thompson is the artisan behind 30 Silent Mockingbirds, a block print company based in East Nashville.

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A strong woman filled with dreams, determination and a huge love of life. Ronei has a fascinating story that inspires and dares you to overcome all that you face. Find her at 

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Project 615 is a philanthropic t-shirt and apparel company based in Nashville. They create the coolest designs that represent Nashville and the unique things in our city.

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I interviewed chef Brandon Frohne, of Masons Restaurant, recently. We talked about so many things and I realized that he is a great guy. Some of the things we talked about were his family, Forage South, what a day is like for a chef and business man and so much more. This young man is passionate for life, food and his family and you'll feel it when it talks.

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I sat down and talked with Jeremy Mitchell, the owner of Mitchell Bat Company. He creates art from baseball bats and what started as a hobby has turned into a life changing adventure. His company is a must see for baseball fans.

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Melissa Corbin is a local food writer and conduit for bringing local food producers together with chefs and food lovers. She is passionate about Nashville, Tennessee and making sure that we all give a damn about the food we eat and the things we do.

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Les Kerr is a great storyteller and songwriter. He's worked in radio, been an entertainer and has even contributed on a Truckstop cookbook. 

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I talk with Lori about Bishop's Meat & 3 and Hattie B's Hot Chicken in Nashville.

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I talk about music, the symphony and Nashville with the music director of the Nashville Symphony, Giancarlo Guerrero.

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I spent some time with Glenn Cranfield, President and CEO of the Nashville Rescue Mission. We talked about how they serve the hurting and homeless in Music City and how they are helping transform lives each and every day.

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Kris Kelso is a local entrepreneur, mentor, businessman, teacher, missionary and so much more. He advices businesses and mentors entrepreneurs. 

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Dr. Gary Flegal - Magician - The Nashville Experience Podcast; Episode 9
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Billy Block - The Nashville Experience Podcast; Episode 8

I sat down with "Mr. Nashville" Billy Block to talk about music, his show and his incredible life experiences. This guy is so cool and inspiring.

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I talked with Stacy Lantz about her latest album, musical influences and more.

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Dan O'Brien of - The Nashville Experience Podcast; Episode 6
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I sat down with Amy Croger, the head Perk Ranger at The Trailer Perk, and we talk about coffee, Nashville and expanding The Trailer Perk concept.

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I sit down and talk with Rich Mahan about music, Nashville and life in the music business.

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Cal's Country Kitchen - The Nashville Experience Podcast; episode 3
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I sit down with entrepreneur, author and speaker Sam Davidson to talk about Batch, being an entrepreneur, the culture of Nashville and more.

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Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball - The Nashville Experience Podcast; Episode 1

I sat down with Michael Thurmon, Commissioner of Base Ball, and Trapper Haskins, Vice President, of the Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball. We talk about how they started the league, the difference of modern baseball versus vintage base ball and future plans of growing the game. If you haven't been out to see one of these games, you're missing out.


Find them online


Facebook: Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball

Twitter: TAOVBB

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